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some useful resources

These are some resources I find effective and fun to work with words and texts; I usually advise them in my teacher training sessions, the links are all active, so just click on highlighted words

This is a crossword maker, you can save a copy and use it any time you need

This one is technically for NEF texts, but can be used otherwise, i love the option of creating pair-work crosswords with/out clues, the crossword can't be saved as it is, but can be copied and pasted

These are bingo cards - good for revising vocab andd adding more fun to the class

Mindmaps are great for visual and logical learners, if given as homework, kinesthetics are highly likely to love them as well

I use word clouds when there's a big vocab input to come in the classroom (ot "term input" if it's a teacher training session). I give out the word cloud and ask to tick the words/terms they know and promise they are going to know them by the end of the class/session(so it's a sort of setting an outcome as well).

Another word cloud is here.  You can save the word clouds via e-mail as well and use them later anytime you need, if there's an Internet access in you class you might not want to print them out, although as mentioned above, working individually with the list raises consciousness at the beginning of the class and gives a sense of achievemnet by the end of it.

I never particulary liked wordsearches neither did i see any sense in vocab recycling until i noticed that learners really can't find words they don't well even given the clue) which is why it's better to use them at the last stages of learning or recognizing words unless you want to take a big break during your class)) On this resource  you can choose the wordsearch shape as well

Word order is a huge issue with our students, creating lots of scrambled sentences with target words help work with WO and vocab at the same time, as well as articles and preps

This fantastic resource has nearly everything that a teacher needs so check it out yourself, don't get discouraged by the registration, the effort is worth taken!

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